This series of abstracted cities is one that I always come back to. They are all done in oil on canvas. I love the strong lines and how you can create a mood through palette alone and how the sense of scale can make to you feel small and connected simultaneously.



All of my art is inspired by movement, by dance, and by connections, but maybe none so much as the Dancer Series. Being a visual artist as well as a dancer of Argentine Tango has made me extremely aware of negative space, of good lines and of the idea that you can communicate in many ways without saying a word. They are done in acrylic and charcoal on canvas or watercolor and ink on paper. 



The Horizon series is an abstracted retelling of landscapes as I see them. Something about a strong horizon line makes me think of the hopeful feeling of a faraway goal and of chasing dreams. I love soft colors, strong lines, balance, and playing with different mediums and surfaces and the abstraction of landcapes is a perfect way to do this.



The Abstract Flower series is inspired by my extreme love of fresh flowers. Abstracting them means breaking them down to the essence, conveying the joy and beauty of them without painting singular petals and stems. They are all mixed media, acrylic and charcoal on canvas.



The Convergence Series is an exploration of creating movement through mixed medias, organic shapes, and playful but soft colors. There are hints of previous series’ that can be seen throughout as different ideas started to merge together to form something entirely new.



The line series was my very first body of abstract work. I was very drawn to a singular, winding line traversing the canvas or panel. They are done in acrylic and charcoal on canvas or watercolor and ink on paper.