Five Inspiring Art Books Every Artist Should Read

I love to read (and re-read) books about other artists for the same reason that I love to collect other artist' work. It's inspiring to hear their stories, discover their processes, realize that they too have insecurities, and see the pieces of work that have shaped and defined their careers. To me being an artist that doesn't look at and appreciate other artists' work is the same as a writer who doesn't read. I could surround myself with my own art and stay in my own studio all of the time, but I much prefer to attend workshops and classes, read as much about art as I can, visit museums, dance performances, and surround myself in my home with beautiful paintings, sculptures and photography to keep my own work fresh and evolving.

Here are five art books I love to keep going back to:

DeKooning: A Retrospective 

Art Students League of New York on Painting: Lessons and Meditations on Mediums, Styles, and Methods

Abstract Expressionism 

Women of Abstract Expressionism 

Joan Mitchell: Drawing into Painting