Layering Rugs


I love to layer. It's one of my favorite ways to dress myself, so when the rug layering trend made it's appearance in interiors I was like "whoa!!" and the I was like "but how do I do this?". I felt like it was one of those Pinterest things that looks really good on Pinterest and then when you do it yourself it's just, well, not good looking (or tasting - always read the comments under the Pinterest recipes, folks!). I also felt a little nervous because I take forever when picking out rugs because I think they are so important for setting the tone and grounding the room. So, more than one?? That's a lot of pressure. But surprisingly, once I committed to the idea and applied the same rules that I use for any other decorating projects, it came together fairly easily. Some of my general rules are: when doing anything tone on tone, make sure that you have changes in texture, mix masculine and feminine, when working in prints, have a small and a large pattern, and don't get too matchy matchy. So when you thing about those "rules" in rug terms, it starts to make a lot more sense.

Layered Rugs in Living Room

I chose to layer this rug over this rug in our family room, leaving about a six inch border all the way around. Some other options would be to have a much smaller rug right under the coffee table. (If it were me I'd probably have the smaller rug be on the diagonal). In a bedroom, I love the idea of having a smaller fluffy rug underfoot and a large rug underneath to anchor the room and make it feel warm and cozy (kind of like the third row in the image below).

Here are some more layering ideas:

Rug Layering Ideas

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