One Size Does Not Fit All


I've been working a lot on my Convergence II series, in all sizes, but I have to say - painting super big has been a LOT of fun for me lately! Don't get me wrong, I love painting in all sizes, and had a blast playing with different ideas for my mini seriesbut there is something really satisfying about painting something so big, you use your whole arm are core to get it done. You have to keep the knees soft and the brush moving! I'm working on a few 36x48s right now, and just finished this 48x48 on canvas.

Lauren Bolshakov Fine Art

I also (in the less huge category), just finished up these two - sized 20x20 (on canvas) and 16x20 (on panel). Lauren Bolshakov Fine Art TimingIsEverything Abstract Art by Lauren Bolshakov ToEverySeason Abstract Art by Lauren Bolshakov

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