My Top Book Picks For Styling Coffee Tables and Bookshelves

I love books. I love to read them, I love the smell of them, looking at them and using them to style everything from coffee tables to console tables, nightstands, and yes, even bookshelves! They make any room more welcoming, homey, and reflective of your personality, but finding the good ones can sometimes be a daunting task in the days of Amazon and Books a Million.

So many choices can be overwhelming! Let me help you out! Here are some of my favorites to add to your collection:

IMG_1335  IMG_1339


click the links below to shop some of my favorites from the photos above


Brooklyn Interiors // In The Company of Women // Atlas Obscura // Great Maps // Styled // The Gilded Age in New York // Dior The New Look Revolution


West Elm Gallery Frame, Set of 4, Assorted Sizes, Silver Paint // West elm Gallery Frames - White 


Sand Beach Vases // Spiky Black Sculpture // Macrame Woven Bowl // 9x12 Mixed Media on Panel // 5x7 Mini Art in Plexi Frames (coming soon)

Other helpful tips:

McGee & Co. has been my recent go to for all things decor. Their blog and Instagram are golden for inspiration and most of what they show online they sell in their shop with easy to click links. If you're starting from scratch and need to bulk up on books quickly, try Cherish. They have options to buys sets of books, sometimes even in a color set to keep your room looking filled in and cohesive at the same time. They also give you the option to make an offer to the seller, so sometimes you can get a really good deal. It's also a great place to look for one of a kind frames and decor. If you need advice on how to arrange your books, click here!