Staying Committed (Year Round) To Your Fitness Goals

So here we are, almost halfway through January. 2017. I still can't believe how fast time flies. How are your resolutions going? Specifically, fitness. It's that one goal where a week or two goes by and the snooze button and the sugary foods are a little harder to resist.

Here are some ways to stay vigilant!

1: Know what you're getting into.

Everyone wants the body and the energy and the health, but you have to know that fitness is a lifestyle, a series of everyday choices, and NOT just a few trips to the gym a week. What you eat and your workouts and energy level all go together. Knowing what you're getting into can help you prepare for what may seem like a big change. The longer you hang in there, the more those good choices are going to come naturally. It DOES happen, and sometimes knowing that is half the battle.

2: Sign up for classes instead of a gym membership if you are just starting out in the world of fitness.

Signing up for the gym is great, don't get me wrong, but if you're thinking you may not have the willpower on your own to keep it up (or if you're not sure about equipment and what to do while you're there that may scare you away from keeping it up) having a group of supportive people around you is invaluable!! You'll make friends in the process, you'll push harder since you'll be held accountable by others in the class, you'll be inspired, you'll have fun, and you'll keep going back! Plus, classes usually make you sign up in advance, so you'll get in the habit of scheduling around your workouts instead of trying to squeeze them in (which 9 times out of 10 leads to "not being able to squeeze it in" because you're "too busy"). Need a suggestion? Might I recommend Hilliard Studio Method :) If you're not ready to get to class, we've got streaming classes that you can do from the comfort of your home!

3: Buddy up

Grab your significant other or a friend. Studies have shown many many benefits to working out together - one of many is that you'll be more likely to stick to it! You can read a previous post about that here.

4: Clean out your refrigerator and pantry

Chunk alllllll that yucky stuff. Toss the sugar and the processed food and restock with lean proteins, fruits and veggies. Sign up for one of those cool healthy dinner ingredient delivery services. Health and wellness and fitness and food all go hand in hand! When you take control of one, you usually are more inclined to take control of the other.

5: Don't use a scale

Scales lie and make you crazy. Pay attention to the way your clothes fit.

6: Celebrate results!

Went down a pants size? Girl! Go buy some cute pants or a cute outfit to show it off!

7: Speaking of buying new outfits

Don't discount the power that a great workout wardrobe has on your attitude. For real! It's an important part of your life and you should feel good about how you look when you're doing it! Shop some of my favorites at the end of this post!

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