Reflecting and Resolving. Hello 2017!

It's January 7th and I'm just now sitting down and committing my resolutions and goals to paper for the new year. While some may say that New Years Resolutions are silly, for the last six years or so I've made them. The first year I did it, they were all written on individual post it notes and stuck on the refrigerator so that I would see them every day. I remember some of them - balance, run ten miles, eat better more consistently -These days they are kept on the bulletin board in my studio. I like to take them down every New Year's Eve and compare where I was at then with where I'm a now and readjust, recalibrate, and recommit, adding in new goals after taking a moment to think about the best and the worst of the year. This year was a little different since we were out of town for my brother's wedding this New Year's Eve, and I wanted to tie up some loose ends and sit down with a fresh mind. So here we are, January 6th, 2017 (!!) I don't think I ever shared my New Years goals on my old blog, but why not? A little extra accountability never hurt anyone. So, first things first - reflection.


2016 was  quite the year. I ventured out of my comfort zone blogging about art and added a lifestyle component here, rebranded my website and changed it over to Wordpress, worked on developing and improving my art, opened up an acceptance letter to my daughter from NYU (all the incredible feelings), had some of the most amazing dances with people from all over the Southeast and the world, took lessons from beautiful and talented professional tango dancers, started taking painting workshops and figure classes again, saw some amazing ballets and operas, made new friends, reconnected with old ones that I thought may be lost and gone forever, watched my brother get married, traveled to some amazing places, learned how much I love Lake Norman, bought a house there (!), taught some little people some art lessons, got to participate in an amazing group exhibition at my favorite Charlotte art gallery and with then again with a curator who organizes THE most amazing art salons, met an amazing gallery owner in San Francisco that was actually friends with Lichtenstein and got to look through his photo albums of fabulous art shows and fabulous famous people over the years, managed to somehow survive the election, came to terms with the fact that my daughter can drive a real live car all by herself, lost a dear friend that I looked up to so very much to a cancer that took her WAY too soon, watched one best friend get married, and another have her first baby! Am I forgetting anything?

Which brings us to 2017 and my resolutions:

#1 - Balance. It's always balance. I think it's the thing we all struggle with the most. When this is not in the forefront of my mind and at the top of my list, I have a tendency to carried away with one thing or another.

#2 - Art. I am going to focus more on developing as an artist. Taking workshops, refining my palette, developing my color mixing and brushwork skills, and developing three series - the horizon, the line and the flower series. I also want to bring back the option to commission my watercolor portraits again after giving some as gifts and seeing how happy they make people. Lastly, I've finally replaced my printer and will be adding giclee prints back in the shop!

#3- Blogging. I think that I've honed in on the esthetic that I was going for on my blog and my Instagram. Now I'm going to work more on the content. I liked the idea of adding lifestyle in along with the art, and I like the way that it's gone so far, but I want to work more on interior design posts and how to display art in your home. Also, healthy recipes and tips for being your best self.

#4 - Mindfulness & Being Present. Less phone, separation of blogging time and family time, more meditation and less distraction. Listen actively, pay attention, stay in the moment.

#5- Travel. Love this one. We spent a lot of time traveling to New York and San Francisco this year and while I love love love them both, this year, I want to go on a river tour of Europe, go to Buenos Aires, somewhere tropical, and visit some cities here that we've never been to.

#6- Learning to Empty Nest. The reason I'll have so much more time for #5 is because my daughter is headed to New York University this August! We could not be more excited and over the moon happy for her, but I have got zero idea how to not have her at home with me. She's my very best friend and I'm going to miss seeing her beautiful little face every day. But, we do have a plan for me to travel there and for her to come back home and we will Face Time and I can't wait to hear about all of her wonderful experiences. Also I can't wait for her to be a bona fide New Yorker so she can find all the cool "locals only" places for us to go when we visit!

#7- Fitness. I am so happy with my routine right now. I love being a trainer for Hilliard Studio Method, and I love the day or two of running and yoga that I do a week in addition to HSM. There are a couple of things that I really would like to accomplish, though, this year. I ant to be able to hold and handstand for 30 seconds in good form, get into a handstand from a straddle, do five clean pull ups, and start training again for a marathon. The last time that I tried, I got to 20 miles and tore my hamstring. Maybe, just maybe, I will try again!

#8- Dance. This is the one studio that fell to the wayside a little bit last year. This year, more traveling to fun cities for events and workshops, more practicing at home,  and as mentioned in #5 -Buenos Aires!!! I can't believe I've danced tango for this long and still haven't been! We are aiming for August or September.

#9- Food. No processed sugar!! And more at home cooking. I love to cook, especially with friends, and I'm going to make a habit out of being more consistant and cook more during the week.

#10- Love myself like crazy. I'm going to smile more, and tell myself I love myself and not get stuck second guessing myself and beating myself up over every little thing. I'm going to love my body and love my mind and my personality - even while I'm working to improve them.

Lucky #11- Learn French! My dad bought me Rosetta Stone for Christmas and my husband has been studying it for a few years now so I am committing to setting aside the time to learn and practice and study it.

That's it! We will see next year how it all went but I am going to hang this list on my bulletin board, and put them on a sticky note on my computer desktop so that I've always got them on my mind in case I get off track!