Working Smaller, Not Harder

These little works on paper are like a brain massage, a creative meditation and brain yoga -  exactly what I needed over the weekend after a couple weeks of fighting three large pieces, and re-entering art classes, and trying to develop a new mixed media idea.

I have been working on some commission portraits lately in watercolors and it made me remember how much I love it. I keep trying to capture that same fluidity in acrylics but so far it's been paling in comparison. The idea that I've been working on is for a 24x36 piece that I'm doing for my living room and I can *kind of* visualize it but it's like the closer I get to seeing it the blurrier it gets and then I squint to see it better and then it just get's blurrier and blurrier. Is there a scientific art word for this??

Small Mixed Media Abstract on Paper by Lauren Bolshakov

These are all on little snippets of paper, randomly sized between 4x6 to 5x7 that I cut down from some cold pressed Arches paper scraps. These are the six that I've finished but I have more that I'm still working on. I started with the general idea of the flower series I've been working on and then tried to get looser and looser with it. You can almost tell the order that I worked. I also tried more circles, less circles, more lines, less lines, and working with bigger simpler shapes. I love how the little bit of acrylic paint adds that element of dimension. Hopefully, by the time I'm done with all these I should maaaaaaybe have a solid idea about which direction I want to take and then how to get it bigger. I also want to try and experiment with getting this same effect on canvas. Any ideas on mediums and techniques? I'd love to hear! Small Mixed Media Abstract on Paper by Lauren Bolshakov

Small Mixed Media Abstract on Paper by Lauren Bolshakov

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