New Abstracts, Painting Playlist No. 2, Back at Braitmans, and My Super Cool Studio Office Nook


Two new abstract pieces in the Convergence series. They are 18x18 and 16x20 mixed media on canvas. I'm really really really wanting to try and develop this concept in to some large pieces - but so far when I try to go too big my composition and brushwork gets out of control. My motivation to keep going: I have this giant square canvas sitting blank in my studio and a giant empty perfect square spot for it in our living room! Abstract Art by Lauren Bolshakov Abstract Art by Lauren Bolshakov

"Midsummer Nights" 18x18x1 5/8" Oil and Charcoal Mixed Media on Canvas 

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"Afterthought" 16x20x1 5/8" Oil and Charcoal Mixed Media on Canvas

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I am back in the studio today working on some larger and smaller abstracts and a commission or two after spending the week before last in Andy Braitman's studio. I decided that I needed to make the time to make the time to get back in there after being absent for about a year!  While it didn't leave me a lot of time for the abstracts that I've been developing it feels. so. good. to be back there! I am taking a workshop on abstracting florals and I re-enrolled in the figure painting class! He is such and amazing teacher and has such good energy to be around. Once the workshop is over in January I'll hop back into the Wednesday painting creativity bootcamp, which is my favorite class ever.

It feels really great to be back there getting some really wonderful instruction and guidance but it feels realllyyyy good to be back in my little studio again, too, listening to my Painting Playlist No. 2 and working on some new things.

Over the weekend my super handy super handsome husband helped me hang this cool metal stringy to hang photos and notes on and a bulletin board for all my running bibs in my office nook. This little place is right off of my studio and I love it in here. It's still filling in, but that's the fun of a new space.

Art Studio Office Nook Art Studio Office Nook

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