Tango Practice No. 2


I think it's fun that whenever we try to practice something, we watch the video clips and all of the sudden we have something new that we need to focus on. I also think that it's interesting that we talk about things and take workshops on things and somehow until you actually *see* with your own eyes yourself making a mess out of something you thought you were okay at you don't actually start to work on it. Take musicality for example. Show of hands, how many people have taken a musicality workshop over the last year. You too? Yeah, we've all been there. I've even said myself and had a million conversations on why it's better to do three steps in connection with your partner and in connection to the music than to do all the fancy schmancy and not feel those connections, so why why why oh why were we so *not* musical during this practice? One reason could be that we weren't there to *dance* as much as *practice* (I went to a workshop once where I was told that they are different, and don't necessarily disagree). So maybe I should not worry about it that much, but in that case maybe we should practice things without music, work it out, and then put it to music? What are your thoughts?

Here are a couple of clips from that weekend. I broke it down into no music, music, a second clip of the same, and then at the end included a song where we were just playing around and it ended up being what we thought was the best of the day. The good news is, I thought we did a little better on the things we decided to work on since that last session. It's a process, you know? And one that I will never ever ever get tired of working on!