Tango Practice No. 1


As promised, here are some clips from the practice video that I told you about last week. [embed]https://youtu.be/xAcijaO-Qgw[/embed]

My husband and I decided to not only start videoing our practice sessions, but to set an intention or to work on something in particular every time as well. For this practice, we started working on two very specific patterns and by the end of it had changed gears to think more about specific tango techniques like (me) brushing my knees and engaging my core, really reaching on the back step, making sure I collect, (him) keeping his frame and posture nice and straight, shoulders down his back, and (together) to not get bouncy like we have a tendency to do. And then we decided to share it to keep ourselves accountable to improving.  This weekend we are planning to do it again! Stay tuned and feel free to leave feedback or request to see something specific that may help you in your tango!


{Video: My shoes are Neo Tango from Felina Shoes, Jeans are Paige Denim, sweater and tank are old Anthropologie but here's another swing tank that would look so cute for dancing - Photo: Comme Il Fauts from Lisadore }