Three Books That Help My Art Blocks


Everyone hits the wall  sometimes in the creative world. Here are three books that I read and re-read continuously in my studio to help keep the paint and my mind moving freely. Two of them are oldies but goodies, and one of them, Big Magic is a newer addition. (I found that one after watching Elizabeth Gilbert give this Ted Talk. And my watch I mean I cried like a baby at the end and still get teary eyed every time I watch it or listen to it while I'm driving. Ole!) Three Studios Blog - Books to read to jumpstart your creativity.

I love how each book has such a different voice for inspiring the pushing forward and getting the work done. Some are no nonsense go-do-it kind of reasonings, some of it is very psychologically helpful, and some of them draw on the history of art and artists and writer and dancers to make the case for creativity. Depending on the kind of funk I'm in determines which book I'll pick up. I read them all cover to cover, and they now sit in my studio to be referenced them as needed. I have crazy bookmarks and dodgers, pencil marks and highlighted sections so I can quickly get to the words I need to hear to help me when I need it.

{ Click to Purchase: the War of Art // Big Magic // Art & Fear}

I hope that they help you, too! Do any of my artist friends have another book suggestion? I'd love to hear! Leave me a comment if there's a must-read I haven't mentioned.