My Hilliard Studio Trainer Testimonial


Favorite Move This is not an easy question - I don’t even know if I can pick just one! It’s one of the many things I love about Hilliard Studio Method - the challenging and complex moves that are always evolving and changing and usually working multiple groups of muscles at one time and keeping your heart rate right in that fat burning target zone and then you group those moves with other moves for a class that is never like another. But, I think if I HAD to pick, it would be “Teaser” Pushups. I am a huge lover of pushups to begin with, but to add that extra oblique work and increase lower body flexibility at the same time takes it to a whole new level. Lower body band work is good, too! The Method is always changing equipment and keeping it fresh with gliders, bands, weights and balls, but I love to see bands on the schedule! I honestly think that the bands were able to target ALL of my glute muscles in a way that I was never able to before and that is what allowed me to continue running and dancing tango after a severe hamstring injury. You’re on your mat with just this little stretchy band and you think, “this is no biggie” and then WHAM! You feel your core, your outer thighs, your glutes and the sweat dripping…. Or maybe it’s heels on the ball… or Texas Curtsy…

HSM Health Tip If you’re concerned about bulking up by picking up heavy weights, I encourage you to read this: “The Fear of Bulking: A Scientific and Personal Exploration” and if that doesn’t convince you, take a look at Liz and Clary or any other HSM trainers who all pick up the heavy weights every day! After becoming a trainer I started to realize that so many women were sabotaging their results because of this fear. They could be increasing their metabolisms, building long, lean, beautiful muscle that burns fat all day long, and getting the results in half the time!

Favorite Post-Workout Snack Lean protein and water! You’ve got to properly fuel your body after all those teaser pushups, bands, and heavy weights! I don’t know a single trainer that doesn’t love an HSM Smoothie or a Think Thin bar after class. I don’t count calories so much anymore as just try and make sure that everything I’m putting in my body is a clean whole food. Being on the go makes it difficult to get the right amount of fruits, veggies and protein that I know I need, so the Catie’s GreensVitamin C, Think Thin, and Tera's Whey are a must for me. I also love almonds, and usually have a few packs in my purse. Water is something that I know completely changes the way that my body feels, so I really have to make sure that I’m getting enough, not just post workout, but throughout the day.

Music in Class Remember Halloween of 2015? In that dance party class, I channeled my inner Jane Fonda and Suzanne Sommers. I love some 80s music. But that’s just the start! I love my music upbeat and loud and couldn't get through a workout without it - so I would never expect you to! I love putting together new playlists for classes - you’ll hear everything from David Bowie remixes to Biggie to Chainsmokers to Brittany, from Nirvana to Pitbull to Madonna and Missy Elliot, I’ve got you covered. You’ll probably even hear a little Nuevo Argentine Tango to cool down to. I think that it is incredibly important to use the beat to dig a little deeper, get a little lower, and hold it a little longer.

Favorite Thing to Say While Teaching “You can do this! You’re ALREADY doing this!” I think that in those moments where you’re shaking and sweating and doubting yourself, it’s so important to just be reminded that what you are doing in this class is incredible. Right at that second, whether you’re in a modified or advanced position, that is YOUR edge and maybe being reminded of that can give you the strength to give it just a little bit more. I am always amazed at the power of everyone that walks through the door. You’re powerful by making the time for the self care of your body. You’re powerful by dropping the weights on the days when you need to. You’re powerful when you modify. You’re powerful by coming back and doing it again and again until your edge changes. You’re powerful when you feel the change in your body and posture and tell your friends and empower other women to do the same for themselves. It’s my favorite thing that Liz says - she says “Be Powerful” - not “get powerful”, or “power guaranteed in ten classes” - because she knows that it’s already there, you just have to tap into it, and we are here to help you!

{photo by Wanda Koch Photography}

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