Always Always Always Tango Technique

You really have to love the idea of never *really* mastering something and always always ALWAYS working on technique if you want to dance Argentine Tango. My husband and I after dancing for years still take classes and workshops and lessons to continue working on things like the embrace, posture, walking, pivoting, and all of the things that people sometimes insist on skipping over to get to the "cool" stuff. We really like the cool stuff, too, but we understand that there is always another layer to be peeled back and that sometimes the simplest of movements, well executed, can be as beautiful as really flashy "moves".

This past weekend we picked out a couple of things that we each wanted to work on from past workshops. They included some fun waltz musicality sequences and embellishemnts. We decided to video ourselves since usually when you *feel* like you're doing something, you can't really tell if you're actually doing it until you *see* yourself. After we watched the first little bit of video we decided to change direction and that mine was elongating my legs when walking, spiraling my inner thighs towards each other at all times and not getting bouncy by keeping my core engaged. His was to keep his spine long and shoulders down his back to keep his frame more in check.

Here are some stills from the day.  I want to share the videos with you (the good, the bad, AND the ugly!) once I figure out how exactly to edit the footage that I've got, so stay tuned! You can give me feedback or maybe see something that will help you in your own practice. XO