Fall Centerpiece


It is that time again! The holidays are right around the corner- the pumpkins and mums are everywhere. Here is one of my favorite ways to display some of the best of the fall season.

You will need:

  • A wooden tray. I like them to be more on the rustic side, and I really love metal handles.  I recently saw this one on Etsy and love it. (You may remember it from my last Etsy Roundup!)
  • Pumpkins! Aim for a mid size and some babies. The greenish one in these photos is about 10" across. Green and white are my favorites.
  • Pine cones. I picked these up at our local craft store.
  • Birch logs. I've never used these before but when I was picking up the pine cones I was intrigued and I really ended up loving how it looks!
  • Greenery. I'm obsessed with the bunches of greenery that they sell at Trader Joes. I also cheated and added some little faux berry-like things as well.
  • Hydrangeas or another smaller white flowers. I used a Gerbera daisy.

Fall Centerpieces - Three Studios Blog

Fall Centerpieces - Three Studios Blog Fall Centerpieces - Three Studios Blog Fall Centerpieces - Three Studios Blog Fall Centerpieces - Three Studios Blog

Fall Centerpieces - Three Studios Blog

  1. I put the bigger pumpkin in first, using the side of the tray to give it an interesting angle that would show off the prettier side.
  2. Then I added the birch logs. I love that it came in a set of three, since odd numbers in interior details is my jam. I stacked them layered in front of the big pumpkin.
  3. Next came the faux berries. The ones that I purchased came on a stalk, so I cut the strands of berries free and arranged them around the corners, letting some of the ends hang over.
  4. I put the Trader Joes greenery in next. I tucked the ends under the logs and berry strands to keep them positioned.
  5. The pine cones and pumpkins I added at the same time, grouping them together in some places and using them to hold themselves at the right angles. I tried to keep all of the pumpkin stems and pine cone tops from facing the same direction.
  6. Lastly, I added the hydrangea and daisy on top. Voila! (Side note, those don't last long out of water - great for a dinner party but if you want them to last the season opt instead for a dried version)

In the pictures I did have a glass candle votive sitting in the tray but I decided to take it out on account of I'm worried about how fire safe that is! I just ended up arranging the candles nearby.

Fall Centerpieces - Three Studios Blog  Fall Centerpieces - Three Studios Blog

I like using these trays for centerpieces because they keep everything all nice and neat and you can easily move it from coffee table to dining room table, or wherever you could use a little more fall. What is your favorite way to decorate for the holidays?