My Favorite All Natural Deodorant


I don't claim to be an expert on the subject, but the thought that MAYBE the aluminum in my antiperspirants could give MAYBE me cancer makes me want to at least look into the natural alternatives. On the other hand, I work out. A LOT. And I go outside a lot and live in Charlotte, which can get pretty toasty outside. Which means that sweat is going to happen in my life and I REALLY don't want to run around being smelly. So, what's a girl to do? I decided to start by taking a few brands out for test drives.

#1 - Soap Walla Deodorant Cream

This one was hands down the best smelling one that I tried. It was really wonderful for everyday use but melted a little bit when I worked out.

#2 - Kiss My Face

I tried the lavender and the sport scents. They were meh. They kind of felt wet and slimy and I did not smell the best after a few hours.

#3 - Tom's

I tried this one in lavender and felt like the smell was too strong, however, it worked really well. My top pick from all the ones I've tried is the Tom's fresh powder scent. They seem to have the most options for different scents.

#4 - EO Organic

This spray on works well. I tried the lavender and don't love love the scent so I may try the citrus or something different next. I can't feel the texture of this one at all which was really nice and the spray is handy to throw in your bag if you need a mid-day touch up.

There are a ton of great looking products on the market. Below are a few more that I'd like to try. Are you an all natural deodorant user? What's your favorite?