Stop and Smell the Roses - New Art

Never is there a day when there are not fresh flowers in our home, and who wouldn't be inspired by that? I've been working on an idea for some new abstracts, based on the palette and shapes of the flowers I surround myself with, so I did a few little paintings to start playing with the colors together. IMG_4652

I always forget that"playing" in the studio can lead to some really great ideas. I love the natural colors and value shifts in flowers. I started with these loose sketch paintings hoping that it would inspire the value placements in my new abstracts, but along the way I had the idea to keep some of the floral elements within the piece.

"Blush Flower Study II"

I still have some work to do on the color but these little paintings are such a fun way to experiment and get the colors correct before I start the larger paintings.


Painting Details:

 “Blush Flower Study I” // 9″x12" // Oil on Arches Oil Paper 

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 “Blush Flower Study II” // 12"x16" // Oil on Arches Oil Paper

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 “Blush Flower Study III” // 9″x12" // Oil on Arches Oil Paper

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