Water can do so many things for us - help us eat less, help our skin look brighter and clearer, fuel our workouts, and flush out toxins, just to name a few. When you think about that the fact that your body is more than half water, it's hard to believe that a lot of us aren't hydrating enough! Especially when we're staying active. Especially especially when it's summer in the Carolina's and you sweat out half your weight as soon as you step out of the house!

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Everyone knows that not getting enough water leads to dehydration, but what they may not realize is that symptoms start kicking in when you've lost as little as 2 percent of your water weight. You start feeling thirsty, which is the first warning sign of dehydration. At that point, you may start to have muscle cramps and headaches. Your workout starts feeling more and more strenuous. Your heart rate increases, which leaves you feeling mor fatigued. And that is just what can happen during your workout! Continued lack of water intake on a regular basic can lead to all kinds of craziness, like  kidney stones and urinary-tract infections. An H2O deficiency can also interfere with your ability to concentrate and can ramp up stress and anxiety. AND mess with your mood! Read more here.

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Here are some ways to make sure you're getting the water you need all day long:

  • Remember the eight glass a day rule, but listen to your body! You may need to go up or down. Check with your doctor if you're concerned.
  • Fruits and veggies will help you hit your goal. An apple can have as much as a cup of water! Lettuce, watermelon, cucumbers, celery... and don't forget about the Hilliard Studio Method Signature Smoothie!
  • Find a really fun water bottle and have it nearby all day. I've linked some of my favorites below. You should be sipping throughout, the day, not just post workouts and at meals. My daughter and I swear by this- we both notice that we both drink more water when we have a cool bottle.
  • Try drinking water before you eat - sometimes "hunger" is actually your body telling you it's thirsty!
  • Don't forget pre-workout water 2-3 hours before you get going and have at least 8 ounces no longer than 30 minutes after you're done.

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