Home Tour No.1 - The Master Bath

Welcome to our master bathroom! We bought our home in uptown Charlotte about a year and a half ago, and for nine months before that it was my most giant art project ever. We were able to purchase it with complete control over the build out, so naturally that was a giant incentive when we were looking. It seems like it's just now all coming together and ready to share! You can shop the entire room, buildout and all, by clicking the bolded links below. I hope that it's helpful! When I was trying to put this all together, I got so frustrated when I would find an inspiring photo on Pinterest and then not be able to find out anything about it!

When staring this massive project, of course the first thing I did was to create design boards on Pinterest and Houzz. It was really helpful when trying to sort through tons and tons of materials and hardware and looks to make sure that I was on track to get the look I was going for. I have a tendency to get overwhelmed with too many choices so this was helpful for me to stay on track with the  aesthetic I was trying to achieve.

In this room, my overall goals for my room were:

  • white and clean
  • herringbone flooring
  • marble behind the tub
  • rain shower
  • glass and chrome
  • orgnaization & storage
  • modern French feel


TILE & SLAB: I chose Walker Zanger Soho tile for the shower walls, WZ Mai Tai tile for the shower floor and WZ Fousanna tile for the flooring. The slab behind the tub is Bianco Ondulare marble (also from Walker Zanger!) Bianco Ondulare is a kind of white marble quarried in Italy (it looks much different to me than Calcutta and Carrera) and I loved how the pale green mixed in with the grey curving stripes. It was a little bit of drama for the all white room.

SHELVING: The shelf was custom built by DBR Home Improvement and Repair  ***Side note: At some point I really want to get a plant to set on it, but the room is so low light I have no idea what would work! Any ideas??

CABINETRY: All of the cabinets were custom build by Distinctive Cabinetry, LLC. One of the best things about this bathroom is the hidden hair dryer and hair product pull out cabinet. I love this thing! No more cluttered countertops, waiting on irons and hair dryers to cool,  no more tangled cords and products all over the place. Nice and tidy. I love glass front cabinets (this one is a built in designed to look like a piece of freestanding furniture - it's all about the feet!).

PLUMBING: The plumbing fixtures are the Miro design from Newport Brass in chrome. The flush mount rain shower head is by Hansgrohe.

LIGHTING: The lighting over the mirrors is the Murren 2-Light Bath Bar by Savoy. I liked that they dressed up the room a little bit without being too ornamental.

HARDWARE: The cabinet hardware is The Asbury pull by Restoration Hardware.  The towel bars, robe hook, and toilet paper holder are all the Miro collection from Newport Brass as well. Somehow I got really lucky and both brands match PERFECTLY.

MIRRORS: The over the sink mirror are the Traditional Wall Mirrors from Restoration Hardware.

Bright White Master Bathroom - Marble Slab Behind Tub - Bianco Ondulare - #mywalkerzanger


IN THE CABINETS: I used Crate & Barrel lined baskets to keep extra products, soaps and other items stored away and looking pretty. These West Elm towels were so soft and pretty and complimented the clean white so well. They were on clearance so I bought them out! Here are some similar ones that are currently in stock and a similar color. I mixed them in with big fluffy white towels from Pottery Barn and Rica bath salts and soaks.

ON THE COUNTERS: There are some things that stay on the counters most of the time and need to always look pretty, like hand soaps and lotions, face wash, toothbrushes and the holder, and a jar for q-tips. (I can't find this same one to link but here is a super cool one that has two separate sections for q-tips and cotton balls) I keep them all on a bamboo tray that is waterproof and looks like the same wood of the shower bench and the shelf over the tub.

ON THE FLOOR: The floor standing Astor Mirror has beveled edges that I thought brought out the European feel that I was trying to hint at. The rugs from Crate & Barrel are incredibly fluffy and soft. I love that the one for the double sink vanity is extra long so you don't need two.

ON THE SHELF: Until I find that perfect low light loving plant, the items on the over the tub shelf are glass canisters filled with cotton balls, and little sweet smelling soaps. I also have more Rica products, folded towels, and an assortment of bath accessories.

Bright White Master Bathroom - Marble Slab Behind Tub - Bianco Ondulare - #mywalkerzanger

Bright White Master Bathroom - Marble Slab Behind Tub - Bianco Ondulare - #mywalkerzanger

I think that is it! Please email me to comment below if I missed something that you would like to find! The worst is seeing a room that inspires you and not being able to find products in it.