New Small Works on Paper and Canvas

"Balance Is" 11x14 Mixed Media on Canvas New to the shop! Three new abstract pieces sized 8x10 to 12x19, on canvas and paper.

Eclipse - Abstract Art by Lauren Bolshakov

"Eclipse" 12x19 Mixed Media on Paper

Smell the Roses - Abstract Art by Lauren Bolshakov

"Smell the Roses" 8x10 Mixed Media on Paper

I am still loving the Arches oil paint paper! I have been focusing a lot lately on brushwork and I love the way the brush to this paper feels. I also LOVE the way paper looks when it floats inside of frames so I may need to figure out how to do that! For now, though, Crate & Barrel has these beautiful gold tones frames that are completely perfect for these smaller works on canvas. I love a gallery wall with empty frames, photos, and original art!