A Beautiful Safe Tan

I am a huge fan of Supergoop and wide brimmed hats to protect my skin from sun damage. BUT, I'm also a fan of a golden sun kissed glow. So, what's a girl to do? I'm sure you guys have all had at least one unsavory self-tanning mishap (read: stripes, yellow or orange, strange colored palms and ankle bones). I've had my fair share of whoopsies for sure but then I found St. Tropez self tanners. My favorite for a quick tan is the bronzing mouse and the spray. For in between maintenance I LOVE the in-shower tanner and the 4-in-one gradual tan body and face lotions. It's as close to perfect and natural looking self tan as I've found.


The finishing touches are pretty simple after that - I use La Mer reparative skin tint (which has the added benefit of being SPF 22) instead of a full coverage foundation. It gives my newly tan skin a fresh glowey look that I top off with Chantecaille bronzer for a little bit of added definition.

You can shop all my golden glow essentials below!