(Unexpected) New Abstract Art - Oil on Paper

I picked up this Arches paper specially made for oil paints on a recent supply re-stock trip recently on a whim. I sat down expecting to play, did NOT expect a finished piece, and instead ending up with FOUR finished pieces! (Click any of the four for a close up slideshow)

Maybe that's the trick- maybe the sitting down with no expectations, simply and purely for the experience of playing with new supplies made it possible. I never once stepped away from the easel, got more coffee, doubted what I was doing, reworked a section (that is to say - I did everything opposite of how I normally operate while painting).

I think that you will for sure see some more of these paper works in the future.

They are all now available in the shop.

Painting Details (clockwise from top left):

All four are 12"x16" oil and charcoal on paper

1.What Day is This

2. Swept Under

3. Sideways and Under

4. Ask me Tomorrow

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Arches Oil Paint Paper // Oil paints (can't live without cool white, portland grey medium, and ashpaltum) // Favorite hog bristle brush // Easel  // Windsor and Newton Vine and Willow // Windsor and Newton Spray Varnish //