Glass Display Boxes

I love the look of stacked glass display boxes when styling bookshelves. But what to put in them?

I decided to use mine as 'scrapbook' boxes and fill them with memories from trips and special occasions. I already had a some things in my "memory box" (which was basically a giant shoebox filled with napkins, matches, corks, mini Polaroid photos, etc), so why not put them on display? The items in the photo above are from our first trip to Paris (you can read about our trip - which was also our engagement-moon here).


Now anytime we go anywhere I'm always looking for little things I can take home as reminders (the room key from The Baccarat was a no-brainer to keep - that thing is so cool!)


Looking for a glass display box to showcase your memories? Here are a few really great ones that I have had my eye on! What will you fill them with?