A Surprising Benefit of Hilliard Studio Method

Being a dancer, you'd think that I would have always been super flexible. Being a runner, you'd think that I was always extremely inflexible! Reality lied somewhere in the middle for me for years. Even with yoga and stretching, my hip flexors and hamstrings stayed tight. I had reached my limit. This is where Hilliard Studio Method comes in.
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Being a trainer at Hilliard Studio Method I see people every day marvel at their newfound strength and bodies but one surprising benefit of our workout is that you will increase your flexibility!

Studies have shown that when you work the muscle with resistance (like we do at HSM with weights, bands and medicine balls), it heats up from the inside out-  making it more malleable than a cold muscle or a muscle heated from the outside temperature. Once we've created that inside heat, we then stretch you out, and after class we stretch you again. This combination is the reason why in addition to being stronger, leaner and having a higher metabolism, you'll also have become more flexible.
After several months of HSM, my stretching became noticeably better. That last inch or so that was holding me back in splits disappeared and my hip flexors and hips are now open enough to allow me to actually feel the difference in my tango "walk" and boléos.

If you're in the Charlotte area, we'd love for you to come in and see the overall difference in your body, mind, posture, and flexibility for yourself. If you're not in town (or need a workout for when you're traveling) we also have an online video collection!
Photos by Ariana Clare
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