Travel Tip No. 1 - Five things that never leave my suitcase


Speed up your packing by having your most forgotten items already pre-packed! Here are the five things that never leave my suitcase: 1: Pre-packed quart-sized TSA approved plastic baggie

2: Wide toothed comb (or a hairbrush for all my non curly haired friends)

3: Dental Kit

4: Towel hair wrap

5: iPhone earbuds

pre packing

The prepackaged things that I keep in my baggie are:

1: Mascara (Top three faves: here, here, and here)

2: Eye Shadow Palette (a small one, with 3-5 good colors, including a light simmer and a dark for lining- this one is my FAVORITE ever, and this one is a close second)

3: Blush/ Bronzer combo ( I love this one!)

4: Tinted moisturizer with sunscreen (There are so many good ones out there but I love that this one is reparative as well!)

5: Face wash with makeup remover (Can't go wrong with any skin type and this one. It's even approved by my aesthetician sister)

6: Concealer (I use this one daily, but if you really need a spackle job, go for this one)

7: Hair product (I have no idea about straight hair products (I'm sorry!!), but for curly hair, I use this one on trips because it's multi purpose)

8: Eye cream (Yes. This one.)

9: Tinted chapstick (Never leave home without this one)

10: Makeup brushes  (one for blush and bronzer, and one double ended for shadow and liner )

11: Nighttime face cream or serum (This one does double duty- leave on lifting mask that moisturizes alllll night)

12: Deodorant (We stock this one at Hilliard Studio Method and I love it!)

13: Hair ties (I know there are a lot of fancy ones out there but nothing beats these tried and true elastic ones!)

14: Disposable Razor