five tips for your all white bedroom

I'm currently in the process of finishing our master and guest bedroom (I use the word "finishing" very loosely, since I'm always working on or changing one room or another. No room is ever quite done!). It's very easy to see a gorgeous white bedroom, with all that beautiful monochromatic, Scandinavian minimal-ness, or the layered textures of those gorgeous Boho Luxe bedrooms you see all over Pinterest and Instagram, but when you try and do it yourself it comes out looking flat and unfinished. Here are my five things I'm going to use in my bedrooms to keep them feeling minimal yet still cozy... layered and monochromatic, and not flat and unfinished, ,and all of the inspiration photos I've been collecting to help me visualize what I want to do! whitebedrooms

1: Chunky Knit Blankets

Oh man, I don't think anything makes a room more cozy than blankets. I love layered bedding and these huge chunky sweater blankets are the best! Shop Ohhio's different sizes, colors, and products here. West Elm is my go-to for sheets and blankets that layer perfectly.

2: Mixed and Matched Art in Mixed and Matched Frames

I could write like 80 blog posts on gallery walls. How big, how to group, what to buy, where to buy, how to frame, what kind of frame, I could go on and on. It's such a fun way to inject your room with your personality. Here's a great article by West Elm on hanging (I think you can even pay your local store to come do it for you when you buy their frames). And there's also Minted - a great way to get started with some affordable mix and match art prints. Second hand stores are great places to find one of a kind pieces to mix in with your more contemporary pieces. Personally, I think the best combination for me is: Black and white photos, figure drawing, art by my daughter, framed memories, all in complimenting but different frames. I'm seeing a lot of images of groupings over the nightstand instead of centered over the bed and I think I'm going to try it!

3: Warm and Cool elements

What I mean by this is: Wood, to me, feels warm. Marble seems cold, and so does metal. Glass? Cold. Fabrics and rugs? Warm. Mix them up and find a nice balance. I have dark walnut floors and large glass windows. I'm thinking I'll keep the white rug that is there now, but ditch some of the dark wood furniture. Maybe I'll swap out the heavy nightstands for metal and glass, and instead of a wooden headboard, go for something upholstered. The attached bathroom is all a lot of marble, so maybe I'll pull that into the room by adding a marble topped table somehow. It's all about finding a balance, even if it's not 50/50 down the middle.

4: Plants

Okay, this is kind of a challenging one. I've managed to keep my houseplants in other rooms alive this long, but it has NOT been easy. However, I think absolutely nothing makes a house a home like some beautiful plants and fresh flowers can. So I'm going for it. Again. (Wish me luck)

5: Soft white drapery

The bedrooms that I see that I like either have no curtains at all or simple white drapes. I like the softness that drapery provides so I'll probably go that route. There are a LOT of styles out there. Tiny little details such as the type of pleat you choose can dress a room up or down. I think I'll end up going with a French pleat. I love the custom washed Belgian Linen 2-fold French Pleat from Restoration Hardware, but instead of the round finial I'll go with a simple end cap.

image borrowed from restoration hardware

So there it is! My plan for my bedrooms! I'd love to hear about your white spaces!