Charlotte Salon Review // 8 the Salon (***hint*** it's the BEST)



Before and after - 8 the Salon - threestudios.netHaving curly hair is one thing. Having curly and red hair is another. Having curly, red hair, that is starting to not go grey but a strange dishwater-y brown is another! Until I found Jaclyn at 8, the only person that was able to manage this mane was Mikel from Bombshell Beauty Studio in Columbia, SC (she recently just opened her own salon! If you're in the Columbia area, you've got to check her out! Click here for more info). So when I moved to Charlotte, I did the normal asking around thing and got a few bad haircuts and some even worse dye jobs. Eventually, I was led to 8 the Salon (thank goodness I work with tons of stylish ladies at Hilliard Studio Method!)

The first thing that you notice walk through the door is the incredible interior design - it's put together in a really calming but deep color palette. You'll see Buddist statues and a DJ booth (yes, that's right, live music spinning from noon to 5:00 every day!) They have a divider wall of chain, really cool industrial touches like giant wooden framed mirrors, exposed piping in the ceiling, and the hugest fiddle leaf fig I have ever seen. The staff has never been anything less than completely nice and helpful to me and the stylists are all amazing (and look like models). Sounds good, right? That's not even the best part.

The best part is their ability to do hair. Before Jaclyn, trying to get back to my original red hair color was nothing short of impossible. Too dark, too orange, too auburn, too bright, too this, too that. I'm not sure what the process is called that she does, but I don't think that she uses a flat dye. She highlights some of the tips to keep the color looking natural, and then she does a glaze. It lasts almost the whole six weeks in between coloring without fading (you can see there's only a slight different in my before and after picture above). It's as close to my natural color as I've ever gotten! Also, my hair is really curly on the top layers and gets straighter as they go down, which no other stylist seemed to get. She gets it! AND she knows how to blow-dry curly hair. What? Yes.

So, I give 8 The Salon a giant 10 - good music, atmosphere, style, great customer service, amazing stylists... they have it all!

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