New York, New York


  I'm never going to get tired of this view. New York is a place we call home away from home. We love it any time of the year, love it with friends, love it with family, we go for business and for pleasure.

Here is a list of some of my favorite New York things to do/stay/eat/see!

We pretty much always stay at the Park Hyatt Midtown, and we also love The London (although there's no spa there which is kind of like my favorite thing to do, so that's a major downside. It IS, however, close to Faces and Names , which is one of our favorite places to have a laid back glass of wine.) The Park Hyatt is maybe one of my favorite places in the world, so lately we've had a hard time tearing ourselves away!

The Bolshakovs at Park Hyatt New York {The Bolshakovs at Park Hyatt New York}

I love their Spa Nalai (best facials ever), I love the heated bathrooms floors, I love the views, I love the pool, sauna, and steam room, I love the fitness center, I love the design, I love the staff... I love the restaurant. Seriously, I love the food there so much I start feeling bad that I'm not exploring (I mean, this is NEW YORK!), but it is the freshest, simplest, food that is prepared so well. Yum. They have two places to eat - one is the two Michelin star rated Back room, and the other is called the living room. It was a huge source of inspiration when we were building and furnishing our own home.

{images borrowed from Park Hyatt New York}

Midtown is the place to be if you're planning on theater, museums, shopping on 5th Avenue, or strolling through Central Park. I don't think I'll ever be tired of it, but lately I'm finding us hopping into a car to head to Soho or the Village more often than not. I would love to hear of some great places to stay in those neighborhoods! I love the shopping, the food, the atmosphere, the people, and the parks. My favorite place, ever since I first went 6 years ago with my BFF, Rachel, is Vin et Fleurs. If you love fresh flowers and fresh food and delicious well picked wines, this is a must visit place!

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