This Spring weather's got me feelin' all purple!


So now that I've refound my center (details here), and I have my palette defined and I've softened up what I was thinking had gotten too harsh, I'm working on keeping the overall look fresh and clean but still soft. I'm also reworking and developing my squiggle line abstracts, which means that I've been playing in the studio. A lot. Here's my latest creation: Abstract Art by Lauren Bolshakov - Abstract Art by Lauren Bolshakov -

Instead of the line being clearly defined, and bold black, I'm softening it up and using charcoal and different shades within the background to keep it going.


It also has a LOT of purple, and a really nice periwinkle blue (which was my favorite Crayola crayon as a child) - which is not on my afore mentioned must have palette, but works really nicely with it to keep the body of work cohesive.

Abstract Art (detail of a painting)  by Lauren Bolshakov - Abstract Art (detail of a painting)  by Lauren Bolshakov -

Another difference is that this one is on panel and not canvas or linen - which I have never painted on before - I found it very challenging but overall I ended up liking much more than canvas.

"A Poem Written in Spring" - 12"x36" - Mixed Media on Panel