Drapes are to interiors as scarves are to outfits....


Drapes are to interiors as scarves are to outfits.... which could be why it's taken me over a year to choose ours. It's a big decision! Our home has a lot of strong lines and 24' glass window walls, so drapes are a MUST! We have roman shades in a white linen (seen in the photo below, the middle window's shade is down), so the challenge is to keep the space feeling clean and light and airy, but soft, and not view restrsicting, and match the linen shades. I'm thinking of going with a white sheer with a pattern in it? My original thought was a lightweight, light grey silk, but I'm thinking I like this more.

the walk from the dining room to the kitchen and living room - threestudios.net white on white on white - threestudios.net

Hopefully we find something perfect soon - I'm thinking of the one pictured above. What do you think? The white or the lightweight light grey silk?? We've got the frame this view to perfection!

part of our view of uptown charlotte - threestudios.net

Slowly but surely, our home is coming along! Stay tuned, I've got a ways to go!