how to give art as a gift


Giving art is tricky. It's kind of personal, and requires that you really know the person well. That being said, I think as in all things, the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. When you get it just right, it means so much to receive something as special as original art. I've put together some ideas for those of you toying around with the idea. If you know what art direction you're looking to go in, these artists are all highly collectible and adored! Rachel Parker Rachel Parker

For the animal lover/ pet owner:

Artist: Rachel Parker


I have adored Rachel and her work since the moment I laid eyes on them both. (She's my bestie!!) The way that she captures light with her watercolors blows me away. She told me once that she waited until the very end of the painting to finish the eyes and that is what makes them come alive. I could not agree more- she captures personalities through the sweet faces in all the animals that she paints. She does all kinds of animals... the pet kind, the zoo kind, and the out in the wild or on the farm kind.

Rachel Parker Rachel Parker Janet Hill Janet Hill

For the girly girl:

Artist: Janet Hill


I love how Janet somehow is hyper detailed and yet loose and joyful in her work. Her soft palette is perfection and it all reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in a deer meets classic style meets beauty kind of way.

Janet Hill Janet Hill Tim Satternow Tim Satternow

For the manly man dreaming of or missing the big city:

Artist: Tim Satternow


Tim Satternow has been a cityscape painting hero of mine since I saw his work in an art magazine years ago. I love how he uses such a restricted palette. To me, it brings out the grit of the city. He starts with super straight lines and crisp detail before dropping in water to loosen it all up. Superb technique.

For portraits:

Artist: Rachel Parker


Again! Yes!! I love her work so much I have two of her paintings hung in my bedroom. One is of my daughter and one is of myself. Rachel, Lexus and I went to an Alex Powers show years ago and Rachel turned the experience into two paintings I loved so much, I just had to have them! (This is a perfect example of how art can turn into the perfect gift. You can freeze a moment in time to be enjoyed over and over!)

She can do portraits, faces, scenes, you name it. I love when a painting of someone paints a picture of who they are, and Rachel does it in her wonderful splashy watercolor way.

Rachel Parker Rachel Parker Carol Marine Carol Marine Carol Marine Carol Marine

For the bold color lover:

Artist: Carol Marine


I love the bright colors and bold brushwork in Carol's work. She is a daily painter, which means her pieces are usually on the smaller side, perfect for giving a grouping of paintings or starting a collection.

For the dancer:

Artist: Me!! Sorry for the shameless self promotion! :)

Click here to find dance paintings in my shop and click here to read about how my dance paintings are created and how being a dancer myself has influenced this body of work.

Lauren Bolshakov Lauren Bolshakov Eileen Blyth Eileen Blyth

For the abstract lover

Artist: I'm going to list a few, in different price points and styles.

1. Karen Scharer (Larger piece, on the higher end of the price scale but completely worth it. Perfect for large spaces.)

2. Me! Click here for the abstract shop section. (Prices start at $75 and lots of size options!!)

3. Eileen Blyth (I am a fan. She is a HUMONGOUS inspiration to me and her work is amazing!)

Some other tips:

- Know their home! You should be really familiar with the colors and decor that you are trying to compliment.

- Always give the work framed, unless it is a canvas piece with finished sides, ready to hang.

-If you are really sure you want to give art, but really unsure of which art to buy, consider reaching out to the artist or gallery. They may be able to help you with a gift certificate to be used towards an available piece or a commission.

-Tell the story. A short handwritten letter telling how the piece was selected is a nice touch!

Lauren Bolshakov Lauren Bolshakov Karen Scharer Karen Scharer