Your Last Minute No Stress Thanksgiving


It's that time! That time of the year when everyone says "Oh my gosh, Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK" and then all the stress of the upcoming Holidays and end of year comes crashing in. I say no more! Let's hug more and stress less this year, even though it snuck up on us (again) and we're not ready yet! Here are some last minute ways to combat stress: photo credit: West Elm photo credit: West Elm

Problem: Thanksgiving dinner! Solution: Avoid the most common stress invoking mishaps with these Thanksgiving hacks from Real Simple.  Or, maybe you don't have this problem. Maybe you're a  total bad ass in the kitchen even with the pressure of the holiday- then go for this recipe.

you can't go wrong with white and gold for your holiday place setting - you can't go wrong with white and gold for your holiday place setting -

Problem: You want a total servingware/ flatware/ dinnerware do over before it's worthy of showcasing you're amazing dinner (see above) Solution: Use what you already have and a few new shiny pieces to make it feel different and holiday-ish. Start with your basic white dining set, add some natural elements like pumpkins and flowers, and then dress it all up with a little glitz. Here are some ideas to accent your table with a little bit of golden glam. 1. Gold rimmed wine glasses  2. Gold rimmed plates.  3. Starched white napkins with gold napkin rings 4. A marble serving platter 5. Brushed gold flatware. 6. A hammered gold serving bowl. They have several sizes and some rectangular platters, too! 7. Gold accented lowball glasses.  You don't need tons, a little bit goes a long way! Use a few or all... and don't forget to leave room for the actual food!

photo from Luna's Living Kitchen  photo from Luna's Living Kitchen

Problem: You're getting sick! Solution: Beat those icky fall germs! Give Oregano a shot! (Literally) Luna's Kitchen has a shot chok full of it. Oregano has been shown to have bacteria fighting properties, in addition to being rich in antiovidants, and vitamins E and C. Check your local juice bar or vitamin shop!

Problem: Family Drama Solution: Click here to read a great article on ways you can weather the storm.

Problem: No time to workout Solution: The thing about choosing to be healthy is that mostly it creates a paradigm shift- you go from working your workouts into your life to working your life around your workouts! Its great to be in the gym, or take classes, and if that is your main way to get the workout, you may have to get in there earlier or later. Another option is to shake it up and do some solo gym time, or squeeze in some home workouts. Two great options that I love (I use them all the time when I'm traveling or short on time): The Nike Training Club app, and Hilliard Studio Method videos. They are both great options for when you're tight on time or traveling. One of my favorites of the videos is the band sculpt - all you need is a phone to stream and a band that will fit in ANY carry on! The Nike app is killer but it's best to use in it the gym since it needs some of the weights and jump ropes and weighted balls that they have there. It is the most fun butt kicking app that I have found and you can get it in in as little as 30 minutes!

Hopefully this is helpful! I would love for you guys to comment and share how you beat the stress during the holidays!