DIY Couples Halloween Costume...Mary and Burt


Halloween is like a giant art project to me. It's one of my favorite times of the year so you would think that it was something I wouldn't procrastinate on -  but negative - every year I pull something together at the last minute. But that's the fun!

If you're looking for a last minute idea for you and your sweetie, I've put together a list of items you need for a DIY  costume for couples that we've done before, Mary Poppins and her chimney sweeping Burt!!

DIY Mary Poppins and Burt Halloween Costume DIY Mary Poppins and Burt Halloween Costume

We were able to pull it together using mostly what we had in our closet, some crafty things we had lying around the house, previous years' costume props, and a quick trip to the thrift store!

Most of these items, you may already have, too - but if not, I've included some clickable links for you!

Tango dancing mary and burt at emerald ballroom's halloween milonga Tango dancing mary and burt at emerald ballroom's halloween milonga

1. White Gloves 

2. Sprigs of red berries and small white daisies

3. A black midi skirt 

4. Red bowtie

5. Grey (or another neutral color) driving cap

6. A fitted white button down for her, and a neutral colored button down for him. (Goodwill is a great place to find these item for cheap if you don't think you'll reuse it)

7. Black hat

8. Plaid necktie or skinny scarf (this is another one that you can find secondhand)

9. 1.5" Red Satin Ribbon

10. Mens vest

*Optional if you want to carry them around and REALLY complete the look, (1) a chimney sweep, (2) an umbrella, and (3) a giant embroidered tote!

I used the red satin ribbon as my belt and hot glued a piece around the hat (I had to smoosh the top dow on the hat  a little bit to get the right shape), and then hot glued the flowers and berries to the ribbon. That was it! So simple and easy. The final touches are also simple - a clean fresh face with a bright red lip, and black eyeshadow "soot" on your honey's face. Voila!

Happy Halloween!