tango paintings added online


Newly added in the shop! Tango paintings in watercolors and inks and charcoals. The process of paintings dance is something very personal to me... sometimes when a painting gets scrapped, it's not because it doesn't LOOK right. It's because I can't SEE the part of the dance or connection that I FEEL when I dance that I was trying to convey. The longer I dance, the more of the feeling I think I'm able to impart into these pieces. I hope you enjoy, even if not a dancer! Talking in Circles - 11x14 - watercolor  Talking in Circles - 11x14 - watercolor Michelle and Joachim - 16x20 - watercolor, ink, and charcoal  Michelle and Joachim - 16x20 - watercolor, ink, and charcoal Body Language - 11x14 - watercolor  Body Language - 11x14 - watercolor Connection - 12x24 - watercolor  Connection - 12x24 - watercolor Punctuation - 11x14 - watercolor and charcoal  Punctuation - 11x14 - watercolor and charcoal