Decorating with Pale Fall Flowers


I am a huge believer that fresh flowers can transform any home. They add so much to a room, and they're an excellent way to "decorate" for the season.

The colors in my house are pale and soft - so I like the flowers in my home to follow suit. Fall is tricky - there are a lot of reds and oranges and bright yellows that are typical of the season, but not really what I go for. But if you keep your eyes open, you'll find tons to work with in making a pretty pale autumn arrangement. This season, I found flowers in pale orange, white, pale green, and deep purples.

Options for a fall flower arrangement Options for a fall flower arrangement

I try and select flowers of different sizes - having a variety of sizes will make even a monochromatic grouping pop. Since I don't really go for super color saturated arrangements, I have to find other ways of keeping the eyes interested. I think one thing I always notice in any arrangement is the non-flower component. I love interesting things added in! Look for woody stems with pretty berries, sprays of leaves, and interesting leaf patterns this fall!

Another thing you can do is set your flowers up with a few pumpkins or gourds! I'm loving the white pumpkins - they're getting easier and easier to find! I found these at my local grocer!