Just a girl and her ficus, out for a drive....


I have been patiently waiting for this: The Fiddle Leaf Fig Ficus. So patiently that when I finally found it, I painstakingly buckled it into my front seat, fully reclined, to get it home. AND THEN I went back for another. I have named them Frank and Steve and I love them so. My first mission was to find them and bring them home (check), my second mission is to not kill them (so far so good)!

I purchased them from Campbell's Greenhouse in the Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte. These were his instructions:

1. Lots of bright light.

2. When the soil is dry to the touch (about once a week), water with up to two gallons of water!!

3. Make sure the pot drains well.

4. Don't repot in the fall.

Steve the Fiddle Leaf Ficus in his new home.  Steve the Fiddle Leaf Ficus in his new home.

I have been following these directions for about a month now and they both look happy and healthy!