lauren maurer and harby gonzalez argentine tango performance


I think this may have been one of my very favorite performances. Great partner, great gallery, no choreography, terrible floor (on a scary slant), and an amazing group of people with incredible energy. It was a rush!

Harby Gonzalez and I decided that for my solo show, I'm Not Good with Words, we would improvise. We did this for a couple of reasons. The first was to show this beautiful dance, Argentine Tango, to people in it's purest form. The second was to illustrate how this dance is another form of unspoken communication. It was this that drew me to, and kept me dancing, this beautiful, emotional, sexy, stepped in history and cultural dance. Third, to show how this dance inspires so many of my abstract paintings. So many of my abstract paintings use lines - flowing, dancing, spiraling, free lines. I can almost feel the dance when I'm creating them. The fact that the floor was terrible and on an angle and the music didn't come on right away somehow relaxed me. I was totally in my element. That was a great night!!!

We didn't have anyone come in to photograph or take a video, but a friend was nice enough to send me this one that she took on her camera. Enjoy!

Where I take lessons from Harby: Emerald Ballroom 

The song: La Mariposa

My necklace: This JCrew gem

My shoes: Red NeoTango