purchase tango shoes online ... a guide to neo tango, comme il faut, and fearless online purchasing


Ahhhh, tango shoes....my not so secret obsession. A few of my collection currently in my shoe bag A few of my collection currently in my shoe bag

Tango shoes have a unique construction and combination of materials suited specifically to dancing Argentine tango. You should be able to feel the floor and have good ground  connection, but without the arch flexibility of a standard ballroom shoe. The soles are made from fine leather or suede, better suited to pivoting on the balls of your feet. The delicate straps keep the shoes securely on your foot during the moves that would send other shoes flying. And, of course, they are gorgeous.

neo tango, comme il fauts, and soy portenas are currently in rotation neo tango, comme il fauts, and soy portenas are currently in rotation

A lot of people struggle to find reliable online resourses for purchasing tango shoes - and on top of that, it's scary to spend $200(ish) on a pair of shoes that you can't try on and with shaky return policies.

Here is a list of four online shops that I have found to have great customer service, good selection, and fast, reasonable shipping costs:

  • Felina Shoes  She carries both Neo Tango (my favorite) and Comme il fauts (most people's favorite). The shipping is super fast and she regularly updates her inventory and sends out an email letting you know when there are new models online.
  • Lisadore Tons and tons of Comme il faut and an Italian line called Paso de Fuego (I haven't tried those yet). You have to register to see all the images and once you're on the list, like Feline, you will receive updates (which can be dangerous if you have a shoe addiction, so be warned).
  • Meleva A smaller selection of Comme il faut, but usually they are the most current models. She also carries a personalized line.
  • Julia Bella  Another shop offering a smaller inventory of Comme il fauts, but full of the latest models. There are also "exclusives" - models that are not offered anywhere else, and are always lovely.

There are a few other shops online, but these four I've had really good luck with.

A couple of things to remember:

  • Tango shoes run in European sizes. It's pretty easy to covert your size... If you are a size 6, select 36. 7... 37, so on and so forth.
  • They don't run in half sizes. I myself (and most ladies that I talk to) agree that it is better to go a half size down, rather than up. The materials in the heel cage and  toe box tend to stretch after a few tandas creating a perfect fit. For example, I usually wear a size 6.5 in street shoes and I always order size 36.

I'm always on the lookout for new shoes and shops and online tango resources, so if you've got suggestions, please leave them in the comments! Happy dancing!

***EDIT:*** You can now save 5% when you purchase anything though Julia Bella by using the coupon code: 3Studios