let's talk about my shoe habit. tango shoes, to be exact.


It's not just tango shoes that I have a weakness for - it's basically all shoes - but there is a special spot in my dancer's heart for the beauty of tango shoes.

I bought this pair today.... a gorgeous pair of Comme Il Fauts in my favorite color ever. I mean, c'mon-  I had no chance at all of resisting these. Where there is tango and high heels and teal, there is Lauren. They have an open heel cage, which used to make me nervous, but I'm finding that the more I find my center and use my core in my dancing, the less I worry about heel hight and open vs. closed heel cages.

I also bought this pair of Neo Tangos (my favorite brand) to wear in my performance at The Columbia Salsa Summit. I wanted to wear silver and my only silver pair are a staggeringly high, not as comfortable (but still gorgeous) Soy Portenas.

I'm putting together a list of my favorite places to buy shoes,my favorite brands, what to look for, what size to order, which brands feel best of what feet types, and tricks to buying online. Subscribe to my blog to be updated on this upcoming tango shoe tutorial post and more!