liquitex pouring meduim, a love story.


Yes. There- I said it. I'm cheating on Golden with Liquitex. But I'm in love and I want the whole world to know it. Well.... maybe not with ALL of liquitex (I'm still a Golden Girl at heart), but for sure the pouring medium is amazing.

Anyone who has ever worked with epoxy (minus Suzy Scarborough who is basically an art genius and uses epoxy like a BOSS) knows that it is tricky tricky and complicated and messy.

Liquitex pouring medium is so easy. You need a clear plastic squeeze bottle, alcohol, and a mini spray bottle. Put the pouring medium into the squeeze bottle, apply the product to the painting (don't touch the painting with the tip) and if any bubbles happen - voila! - spray them with the alcohol. Poof. Like magic they are gone!!


It goes on thick and creamy so you can see exactly where it is vs not and dries to a clear, perfect, bevel edged, expoxy looking, glossy finish.

You're welcome.