i'm not good with words


Anastasia (sweet gorgeous show hanger curator extroidinaire),

plus a rad gallery space,

plus my friend, instructor and best ever tangero, Harby (of Emerald Ballroom) improvising a tango with me for art lovers,

plus a huge body of work that changed the way that I viewed my art creation and my relationships and my communication skills,

plus an incredible turnout that I could not have expected (plus glowing reviews),

equals "i'm not good with words".... the first solo exhibition showcasing my new abstract paintings.

When I first started painting abstracts, it was more for the love of creating for myself- outside of the confines of a subject matter. I did not expect for the limited pieces I showed to be so well received - but they were - and it snowballed into many paintings that I started naming after the different relationship and communiction issues that I have had in the past five years.

To say that it was a mgical night sharing this personal and emotional collection (pardon my cheesiness) is a total and complete understatement. I had the. best. night.

It put to rest one chapter of my life and ushered in the next. That, my friends, is good stuff.

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